Green Cell Smartphone Battery pentru Samsung Galaxy Note 3 lei 42.74
Green Cell PRO Charger / AC Adapter pentru Samsung NP-P50 NP-P60 NP-M70 Pro R510 R530 R540 R580 RV511 19V 4.74A lei 60.57

3052 în stoc


lei 51.24

3052 în stoc


Description: Voltage: 19V;Warranty: 36 months;Power: 65W;Amperage: 3.42A;Tip size: 5.5mm-2.5mm;Power cable: GRATIS;Overheat protection: Yes;Surge protection: Yes;Colour: Black;Product code: AD25-P;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : ;Compatible with following devices : Asus K50iJ,Asus K50IJ,Asus K50ZE,Asus K51A,Asus K51C,Asus K51E,Asus K51EA,Asus K51i,Asus K51N ,Asus K51X,Asus K51XA,Asus K51Xi,Asus K60IC,Asus K61iC,Asus K61L,Asus K61LC,Asus P50i,Asus P50U,Asus X5AV,Asus X5C,Asus X5CQ,Asus X5DA,Asus X5DAF,Asus X5DE,Asus X5DI,Asus X5DID,Asus X5DIE,Asus X5DiJ,Asus X5DIL,Asus X5DIP,Asus X5DX,Asus X5MS,Asus X5MSD,Asus X5MSL,Asus X5MSM,Asus X5MSN,Asus X5MSQ,Asus X5MSV,Asus X5MT,Asus X5MTA,Asus X5MTK,Asus X5MV,Asus X5OIJ,Asus X5P,Asus X5PE,Asus X5PS,Asus X5PSJ,Asus X5R,Asus X5RE,Asus K56V,Gateway TC79,Packard Bell EasyNote,Packard Bell EasyNote F0336-V,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35-U,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ35-V,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36-R,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36-T,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36-U,Packard Bell EasyNote MZ36-V,Asus A52B,Asus A52BY,Asus A52D,Asus A52F,Asus A52JT,Asus A52JU,Asus A52JV,Asus A52N,Asus A53E,Asus A53SM,Asus A54HY,Asus A54L,Asus A54LY,Asus B53A,Asus B53AV,Asus B53E,Asus B53JC,Asus B53S,Asus B53V,Asus B53VC,Asus B53X,Asus B53Xi,Asus F75,Asus F75A,Asus F75V,Asus F75VB,Asus F75VC,Asus K52JC,Asus K52JE,Asus K52JT,Asus K54L,Asus K54LY,Asus N70S,Asus P52J,Asus P53F,Asus P53J,Asus P53JC,Asus P53Xi,Asus Pro5C,Asus Pro5CN,Asus Pro5CQ,Asus Pro5D,Asus Pro5DA,Asus Pro5DAB,Asus Pro5DAD,Asus Pro5DAF,Asus Pro5DC,Asus Pro5Di,Asus UX50,Asus UX50V,Asus X54C,Asus X54HR,Asus X54HY,Asus X54X,Asus X54XB,Asus X54Xi,Asus X55A,Asus X55C,Asus X55CR,Asus X55Q,Asus X55SA,Asus X55U,Asus X55V,Asus X55VD,Asus X55VDR,Asus X55VJ,Asus X55VM,Toshiba Satellite C845D,Toshiba Satellite L645D,Toshiba Satellite L745D,Toshiba Satellite L845D,Toshiba Satellite P845T,Toshiba Satellite Pro,Toshiba Satellite Pro C50D-A,Uniwill N255TI3,Toshiba Satellite RADIUS,Toshiba Satellite U505,Toshiba Satellite A665D,Asus VivoBook S550CM,Asus VX1,Asus A550CC,Asus X32VT,Toshiba Satellite A500,Toshiba Satellite A505,Toshiba Satellite L500,Toshiba Satellite L505,Toshiba Satellite L550,Toshiba Satellite L555,Toshiba Satellite A200,Toshiba Satellite A205,Toshiba Satellite L450,Toshiba Satellite L455,Toshiba Satellite L455D,Toshiba Satellite L510,Toshiba Satellite L515,Asus A53TA,Asus A53TK,Asus A53U,Toshiba Satellite C650,Toshiba Satellite C650D,Toshiba Satellite C655,Toshiba Satellite C655D,Toshiba Satellite C660,Toshiba Satellite C660D,Toshiba Satellite C665,Toshiba Satellite C665D,Toshiba Satellite C670,Toshiba Satellite C675,Toshiba Satellite C675D,Toshiba Satellite L650,Toshiba Satellite L650D,Toshiba Satellite L655,Toshiba Satellite L655D,Toshiba Satellite L670,Toshiba Satellite L670D,Toshiba Satellite L675,Toshiba Satellite L675D,Toshiba Satellite L750,Toshiba Satellite L750D,Toshiba Satellite L755,Toshiba Satellite L755D,Toshiba Satellite L770D,Toshiba Satellite L775,Toshiba Satellite L775D,Toshiba Satellite L850,Toshiba Satellite L850D,Toshiba Satellite L855,Toshiba Satellite L855D,Toshiba Satellite L870,Toshiba Satellite L875,Toshiba Satellite L875D,Toshiba Satellite C850,Toshiba Satellite C850D,Toshiba Satellite C855,Toshiba Satellite C855D,Toshiba Satellite C870,Toshiba Satellite C870D,Toshiba Satellite C875,Toshiba Satellite C875D,Advent 7201,Advent 7211,Advent 7301,Advent 7302,Advent 9915w,LG E510,Packard Bell GP,Packard Bell GP2,Packard Bell GP2W,Packard Bell MZ35,Packard Bell MZ36,Toshiba Satellite C55t-A,Toshiba Satellite L40-A,Toshiba Satellite L50-A,Toshiba Satellite L50D,Toshiba Satellite L50D-A,Toshiba Satellite L50t,Toshiba Satellite L50t-A,Toshiba Satellite Pro L50-A,Toshiba Satellite S50,Toshiba Satellite S50-A,Fujitsu LifeBook SH531,Asus A450,Asus A450C,Asus A450CA,Asus A450CC,Asus A450L,Asus A450LA,Asus A450LAV,Asus A450LB,Asus A450LC,Asus A450LD,Asus A450LN,Asus A450V,Asus A450VB,Asus A450VC,Asus A450VE,Asus A550,Asus A550C,Asus A550CA,Toshiba Mini NB510,Toshiba Satellite A660,Toshiba Satellite A665,Toshiba Satellite C640,Toshiba Satellite C645,Toshiba Satellite C645D,Toshiba Satellite L630,Toshiba Satellite L635,Toshiba Satellite L640,Toshiba Satellite L640D,Toshiba Satellite L645,Toshiba Satellite L730,Toshiba Satellite L735,Toshiba Satellite L740,Toshiba Satellite L740D,Toshiba Satellite L745,Toshiba Satellite M640,Toshiba Satellite M645,Toshiba Satellite P740D,Toshiba Satellite P745,Toshiba Satellite P745D,Toshiba Satellite P750,Toshiba Satellite P755D,Toshiba Satellite P770,Toshiba Satellite P775D,Toshiba Satellite U500,Toshiba Satellite U505-S2980,Asus P31JC,Asus P31JG,Asus P31S,Asus P31SD,Asus U31JC,Asus U31JF,Asus U31JG,Asus U31S,Asus U31SD,Asus K42S,Asus P42E,Asus P42EI,Asus P42EP,Asus P42J,Asus P60,Asus P62,Asus X42C,Asus X42D,Asus X42DQ,Asus X42DR,Asus X42DY,Asus X42E,Asus X42EI,Asus X42EP,Asus X42EV,Asus X42JC,Asus X42JF,Asus X42JP,Asus 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Greutate0.4 kg
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