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Green Cell GPS Battery F650010252 TomTom One V1 V2 V3 XL Europe Regional Rider


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Description: Capacity: 1100mAh;Voltage: 3.7V;Warranty: 12 months;Cells manufacturer: Green Cell;The possibility of return: Up to 30 days;Product code: GPS10;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : F709070710,F650010252 ;Compatible with following devices : TomTom Rider,TomTom 4K00.100,TomTom 4N00.004,TomTom 4N00.004.2,TomTom 4N00.005,TomTom 4N00.006,TomTom 4N00.012,TomTom 4N01.000,TomTom 4N01.001,TomTom 4N01.002,TomTom 4N01.003,TomTom NVT2B225,TomTom One 3rd,TomTom One Europe,TomTom One IQ,TomTom One Regional,TomTom One S4L,TomTom One S4l,TomTom One V2,TomTom One V3,TomTom One V5,TomTom One Version,TomTom One XL,TomTom OneOne 3rd

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