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Green Cell ® Keyboard pentru Laptop HP PAVILION 15-A 15-D 15-E 15-G 15-N 15-R lei 52.57
Green Cell Battery pentru Acer Aspire 5740G 5741G 5742G 5749Z 5750G 5755G / 11,1V 8800mAh lei 161.88

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Description: Voltage: 20V;Warranty: 12 months;Power: 90W;Amperage: 4.5A;Overheat protection: Yes;Surge protection: Yes;Colour: Black;Product code: CAD23;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : ;Compatible with following devices : Lenovo Z70,Lenovo ThinkPad E465,Lenovo IdeaPad Z510,Lenovo ThinkPad W550s,Lenovo Z51,Lenovo IdeaPad S215,Lenovo ThinkPad X250,Lenovo Z50,Lenovo ThinkPad Edge,Lenovo G500,Lenovo B5400,Lenovo B5400 80B6,Lenovo G400,Lenovo G400 80A5,Lenovo G410,Lenovo G410 80A7,Lenovo G500 80A6,Lenovo G505,Lenovo G505 80AA,Lenovo G700,Lenovo G700 80AG,Lenovo G710,Lenovo G710 80AH,Lenovo M490,Lenovo M495,Lenovo M5400,Lenovo M5400 80B5,Lenovo G510,Lenovo G510 80A8,Lenovo G510H,Lenovo G405,Lenovo G405 80A9,Lenovo IdeaPad G510,Lenovo IdeaPad S210,Lenovo ThinkPad L540,Lenovo ThinkPad T540p,Lenovo ThinkPad T550,Lenovo IdeaPad Z500,Lenovo G500s,Lenovo G505s,Lenovo IdeaPad S510p,Lenovo G500C,Lenovo G500H,Lenovo IdeaPad S500,Lenovo ThinkPad P50s,Lenovo ThinkPad T560,Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga,Lenovo B50,Lenovo B51,Lenovo B70,Lenovo E50,Lenovo G50,Lenovo G51,Lenovo G70,Lenovo IdeaPad 300,Lenovo IdeaPad 305,Lenovo IdeaPad 500,Lenovo M50,Lenovo Ideapad Z710,Lenovo ThinkPad T430,Lenovo ThinkPad T430i,Lenovo G40,Lenovo G400s,Lenovo G400s Touch,Lenovo G405s,Lenovo G405s Touch,Lenovo G41,Lenovo G410s,Lenovo G410s Touch,Lenovo G500s Touch,Lenovo G505s Touch,Lenovo G510s,Lenovo G510s Touch,Lenovo IdeaPad G400s,Lenovo IdeaPad G405s,Lenovo IdeaPad G500s,Lenovo IdeaPad G505s,Lenovo IdeaPad G510s,Lenovo IdeaPad S410p,Lenovo Z40,Lenovo Z41,Lenovo IdeaPad Flex,Lenovo ThinkPad L440,Lenovo ThinkPad T440P,Lenovo ThinkPad T540P,Lenovo IdeaPad Z410,Lenovo IdeaPad S310,Lenovo IdeaPad S410,Lenovo IdeaPad S400U,Lenovo ThinkPad E450,Lenovo ThinkPad E450c,Lenovo ThinkPad E455,Lenovo ThinkPad E460,Lenovo IdeaPad Z710,Lenovo ThinkPad E470,Lenovo ThinkPad E570,Lenovo ThinkPad X240,Lenovo B40,Lenovo B41,Lenovo E40,Lenovo Edge 2,Lenovo Flex 2,Lenovo Flex 3,Lenovo G400 14001,Lenovo G400 2048,Lenovo G400 59011,Lenovo G400S 80AU,Lenovo G500S 80AD,Lenovo G500S 80AV,Lenovo G505S 80AM,Lenovo IdeaPad 300S,Lenovo IdeaPad 500S,Lenovo IdeaPad Edge,Lenovo IdeaPad S400u,Lenovo IdeaPad S410P,Lenovo IdeaPad S510P,Lenovo IdeaPad U430,Lenovo IdeaPad U430P,Lenovo IdeaPad U530,Lenovo M41,Lenovo M4400,Lenovo M490S,Lenovo N40,Lenovo N50,Lenovo S41,Lenovo ThinkPad E475,Lenovo ThinkPad E550,Lenovo ThinkPad E550C,Lenovo ThinkPad E555,Lenovo ThinkPad E560,Lenovo ThinkPad E565,Lenovo ThinkPad E575,Lenovo ThinkPad Helix,Lenovo ThinkPad L450,Lenovo ThinkPad L460,Lenovo ThinkPad P40,Lenovo ThinkPad P50S,Lenovo ThinkPad S3,Lenovo ThinkPad S431,Lenovo ThinkPad S440,Lenovo ThinkPad S5,Lenovo ThinkPad S531,Lenovo ThinkPad S540,Lenovo ThinkPad T431s,Lenovo ThinkPad T440,Lenovo ThinkPad T450,Lenovo ThinkPad T450s,Lenovo ThinkPad T450S,Lenovo ThinkPad T460,Lenovo ThinkPad T460S,Lenovo ThinkPad W550S,Lenovo ThinkPad X1,Lenovo ThinkPad X260,Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga,Lenovo U31,Lenovo U41,Lenovo Yoga 13,Lenovo Yoga 2,Lenovo Yoga 500,Lenovo 700,Lenovo G510 4056,Lenovo G510 4059,Lenovo G510 59,Lenovo G510S 80CJ,Lenovo ThinkPad E560P,Lenovo ThinkPad T440S,Lenovo ThinkPad T440s,Lenovo ThinkPad T460P,Lenovo ThinkPad X240s,Lenovo Y40,Lenovo IdeaPad U330,Lenovo IdeaPad U330p,Lenovo M490s 6276,Lenovo ThinkPad 11e,Lenovo ThinkPad X230s

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