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Green Cell ® Car Charger / AC Adapter pentru Laptop Toshiba Sattelite A200 A300 L200 L300 L500 L505 19V 3.42A lei 53.23
Battery 80501 pentru iRobot Roomba 510 530 540 550 560 570 580 610 620 625 760 770 780 lei 153.06

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Description: Voltage: 20V;Warranty: 12 months;Power: 90W;Amperage: 4.5A;Tip size: 5.5mm-2.5mm;Overheat protection: Yes;Surge protection: Yes;Colour: Black;Product code: CAD16;Manufacturer: Green Cell ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : ;Compatible with following devices : Packard Bell EasyNote,Lenovo IdeaPad Z510,MAXDATA Eco 4511IW,Lenovo IdeaPad Z560,Lenovo IdeaPad Z560A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z560G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z560M,Lenovo IdeaPad Z565,Lenovo IdeaPad Z565A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z565G,Lenovo IdeaPad N580,Lenovo IdeaPad N581,Lenovo IdeaPad N586,Lenovo Ideapad P580,Lenovo IdeaPad P580A,Lenovo Ideapad P585,Lenovo Ideapad Z580,Lenovo IdeaPad Z580,Lenovo Ideapad Z580A,Lenovo Ideapad Z585,Lenovo IdeaPad Z585,Lenovo IdeaPad Z570,Lenovo IdeaPad Z570A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z575,Fujitsu LifeBook AH531,Fujitsu LifeBook A530,Fujitsu LifeBook A531,Fujitsu LifeBook AH530,Fujitsu LifeBook LH530,Lenovo IdeaPad U350,Lenovo E46,CLEVO M660,CLEVO M661,CLEVO M665,CLEVO M670,CLEVO M677,COMPAL EL80,COMPAL EL81,COMPAL GL30,Lenovo G480,Lenovo G480 2184,Lenovo G480 2688,Lenovo G485,Lenovo G580,Lenovo G580 2189,Lenovo G580 2689,Lenovo G580A,Lenovo G580AH,Lenovo G580AM,Lenovo G580AX,Lenovo G580H,Lenovo G585,Lenovo IdeaPad P500,Lenovo IdeaPad P580,Lenovo IdeaPad P585,Lenovo IdeaPad Z380,Lenovo IdeaPad Z380A,Lenovo B595,Lenovo G500,Lenovo G585 2181,Lenovo IdeaPad Z480,Lenovo B470,Lenovo B570,Lenovo B570 1068,Lenovo G470,Lenovo G470 4328,Lenovo G470A,Lenovo G470AH,Lenovo G470E,Lenovo G470G,Lenovo G470GH,Lenovo G475,Lenovo G475A,Lenovo G475AX,Lenovo G475E,Lenovo G475G,Lenovo G475GL,Lenovo G475L,Lenovo G565,Lenovo G565 4385,Lenovo G565A,Lenovo G565G,Lenovo G565L,Lenovo G570,Lenovo G570A,Lenovo G570AH,Lenovo G570E,Lenovo G570G,Lenovo G575,Lenovo G575A,Lenovo G575E,Lenovo G575G,Lenovo G575GL,Lenovo G575GX,Lenovo G575L,Lenovo G575M,Lenovo G770,Lenovo G770 1037,Lenovo G770A,Lenovo G770E,Lenovo G770L,Lenovo G780,Lenovo G780 20138,Lenovo G780 2182,Lenovo G780 M843MGE,Lenovo IdeaPad Z370,Lenovo IdeaPad Z370A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z370G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z465A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z465G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470,Lenovo IdeaPad Z480A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z485,Lenovo K47,Lenovo V360,Lenovo V360A,Lenovo V360G,Lenovo V370,Lenovo V370A,Lenovo V370G,Lenovo V370P,Lenovo V570A,Lenovo V570c,Lenovo V570G,Lenovo V570P,Lenovo B470a,Lenovo B470e,Lenovo B470g,Lenovo B470L,Lenovo B475,Lenovo B475a,Lenovo B475e,Lenovo B475g,Lenovo B570a,Lenovo B575,Lenovo B575a,Lenovo B575e,Lenovo B575e 3685,Lenovo B575g,Lenovo G460,Lenovo G460 0677,Lenovo G460 20041,Lenovo G460a,Lenovo G460e,Lenovo G460g,Lenovo G460L,Lenovo G465,Lenovo G465 4382,Lenovo G465a,Lenovo G560,Lenovo G560 0679,Lenovo G560A,Lenovo G560e,Lenovo G560e 1050,Lenovo G560G,Lenovo G560L,Lenovo IdeaPad Z460,Lenovo IdeaPad Z460A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z460G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z460M,Lenovo IdeaPad Z465,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470AH,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470AM,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470AT,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470AX,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z470K,Lenovo IdeaPad Z475,Lenovo IdeaPad Z475A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z475Am,Lenovo IdeaPad Z475G,Lenovo IdeaPad Z475Gm,Lenovo V470,Lenovo V470 4396,Lenovo V470A,Lenovo V470AT,Lenovo V470c,Lenovo V470CA,Lenovo V470G,Lenovo V470P,Lenovo V570,Lenovo V570 1066,Lenovo IdeaPad Z500,Lenovo IdeaPad Z500A,Lenovo E49,Lenovo E49 3464,Lenovo G530,Lenovo IdeaPad U450,Lenovo IdeaPad U450P,Lenovo G450,Lenovo IdeaPad U330,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460A,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460AT,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460C,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460G,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460N,Lenovo IdeaPad Y460p,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560A,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560d,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560dt,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560g,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p,Lenovo IdeaPad Y560PT,Lenovo IdeaPad U510,Lenovo IdeaPad P400,Lenovo IdeaPad Z400,Lenovo IdeaPad Z400A,Lenovo IdeaPad Z400T,Lenovo IdeaPad Z505,Lenovo IdeaPad S300,Lenovo IdeaPad S400,Lenovo IdeaPad S405,Lenovo IdeaPad S310,Lenovo IdeaPad S410,Lenovo IdeaPad Y480,Lenovo IdeaPad Y480a,Lenovo IdeaPad Y480m,Lenovo IdeaPad Y480n,Lenovo IdeaPad Y480p,Lenovo V580,Lenovo V580c,Lenovo IdeaPad U165,Fujitsu LifeBook LH532,Advent 6411,CLEVO W150,CLEVO W150DAQ,CLEVO W150HM,CLEVO W150HNM,CLEVO W150HNQ,CLEVO W150HRM,CLEVO W150HRQ,CLEVO W170HN,CLEVO W170HR,Lenovo IdeaPad Y400,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570,Lenovo G550,Lenovo V460,Lenovo V460 0886,Lenovo V460A,Lenovo V460G,Lenovo V460P,Lenovo B460,Lenovo B460a,Lenovo B460c,Lenovo B460e,Lenovo B460ea,Lenovo B460el,Lenovo B460G,Lenovo B460L,Lenovo B550A,Lenovo B550G,Lenovo B550L,Lenovo G360,Lenovo G360A,Lenovo G430 20003,Lenovo G430 4152,Lenovo G430 4153,Lenovo G430LE,Lenovo G450A,Lenovo G450I,Lenovo G455 0708,Lenovo G455A,Lenovo G455I,Lenovo G455L,Lenovo G550 20023,Lenovo G550 2958,Lenovo G550 2958LEU,Lenovo G550 2958LFU,Lenovo G550A,Lenovo G550G,Lenovo G550L,Lenovo G550M,Lenovo G555,Lenovo G555 0873,Lenovo G555 20045,Lenovo G555A,Lenovo G555G,Lenovo G555L,Lenovo G555M,Lenovo IdeaPad U450A,Lenovo IdeaPad U450p,Lenovo IdeaPad U450P-3389,Lenovo V560,Lenovo B560,Lenovo B560 4330,Advent 7204,Advent 8117,Advent 9117,Advent 9215,Advent 9515,Advent 9517,Advent 9617,Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile,Advent 6441,Advent 6551,Advent 6552,Advent 6553,Advent 6650,Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560,Fujitsu Amilo Pi3660,GERICOM Blockbuster Mobile,GERICOM GT7000,Lenovo B470 4315,Lenovo B570e,Lenovo B570e N2F23GE,Lenovo B570e2,Lenovo G480A,Lenovo G570 4334,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470N,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470P,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471A,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471D,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471G,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471M,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471N,Lenovo IdeaPad Y471P,Lenovo K42,Lenovo K42A,Lenovo K42G,Lenovo K43,Lenovo K43A,Lenovo K43G,Lenovo K43P,Lenovo K43S,Lenovo K46,Lenovo K46A,Lenovo V380,Lenovo IdeaPad S206,Lenovo IdeaPad U310,Fujitsu Amilo Li3910,Fujitsu LifeBook LH531,Lenovo IdeaPad Y400M,Lenovo IdeaPad Y400N,Lenovo IdeaPad Y400P,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470A,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470D,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470G,Lenovo IdeaPad Y470M,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570A,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570D,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570M,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570N,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570NT,Lenovo IdeaPad Y570P,Acer Anywhere 1100LX,Acer Anywhere 1120LX,Advent 5301,Advent 5302,Advent 5311,Advent 5312,Advent 5313,Advent 5421,Advent 5431,Advent 5511,Advent 5611,Advent 5612,Advent 5711,Advent 5712,Advent 6651,Advent 9115,Advent 9315,Advent 9415,Advent Altro,Advent K1301p,Advent K1501,Advent K4000,Advent K6000,Advent KC500,Advent KC550,Advent KC550B,Advent KC550P,Advent Roma,Advent Verona,Advent Verona P,Advent Verona SU,CLEVO 2200,CLEVO 2200C,CLEVO 2700C,CLEVO D27ES,CLEVO D41EF,CLEVO D41ES,CLEVO D41EV,CLEVO D420S,CLEVO D420V,CLEVO D42EF,CLEVO D42ES,CLEVO D42EV,CLEVO D430E,CLEVO D430F,CLEVO D430P,CLEVO D430S,CLEVO D430V,CLEVO D43EF,CLEVO D460,CLEVO D470,CLEVO DeskNote 2200,CLEVO DeskNote 2200S,CLEVO DeskNote 2700,CLEVO DeskNote D400,CLEVO DeskNote D400E,CLEVO DeskNote D400H,CLEVO DeskNote D400S,CLEVO DeskNote D410,CLEVO DeskNote D410E,CLEVO DeskNote D410H,CLEVO DeskNote D410S,CLEVO FMA86D,CLEVO FMA86T,CLEVO M22ES,CLEVO M37EW,CLEVO M54,CLEVO M54G,CLEVO M54V,CLEVO M55,CLEVO M550,CLEVO M550G,CLEVO M550V,CLEVO M551,CLEVO M551G,CLEVO M551V,CLEVO M555,CLEVO M555G,CLEVO M555V,CLEVO M55G,CLEVO M720R,CLEVO M721,CLEVO M722,CLEVO M725,CLEVO M725R,CLEVO M725S,CLEVO PortaNote 2200,CLEVO PortaNote 2700,CLEVO PortaNote 98,CLEVO PortaNote 980,CLEVO PortaNote 982,CLEVO PortaNote 982A,CLEVO PortaNote 982G,CLEVO PortaNote D220S,CLEVO PortaNote D22ES,CLEVO PortaNote D230S,CLEVO PortaNote D270S,CLEVO PortaNote D27ES,CLEVO PortaNote D280S,CLEVO PortaNote D400,CLEVO PortaNote D400E,CLEVO PortaNote D400H,CLEVO PortaNote D400K,CLEVO PortaNote D400P,CLEVO PortaNote D400S,CLEVO PortaNote D40EF,CLEVO PortaNote D40EV,CLEVO PortaNote D410,CLEVO PortaNote D410E,CLEVO PortaNote D410H,CLEVO PortaNote D410S,CLEVO PortaNote D41EF,CLEVO PortaNote D41ES,CLEVO PortaNote D41EV,CLEVO PortaNote D420E,CLEVO PortaNote D420P,CLEVO PortaNote D420S,CLEVO PortaNote D420V,CLEVO PortaNote D42EF,CLEVO PortaNote D42ES,CLEVO PortaNote D42EV,CLEVO PortaNote D430E,CLEVO PortaNote D430F,CLEVO PortaNote D430P,CLEVO PortaNote D430S,CLEVO PortaNote D430V,CLEVO PortaNote D43EF,CLEVO PortaNote D43ES,CLEVO PortaNote D43EV,CLEVO PortaNote D460,CLEVO PortaNote D470,CLEVO PortaNote D470K,CLEVO PortaNote D470V,CLEVO PortaNote D470W,CLEVO PortaNote D47EV,CLEVO PortaNote D480V,CLEVO PortaNote D480W,CLEVO PortaNote D48EV,COMPAL DL76,COMPAL DQ70,COMPAL EAL50,COMPAL EAL51,COMPAL ELD70,COMPAL ELD71,Fujitsu Amilo Li3710,Fujitsu LifeBook A532,Fujitsu LifeBook AH532,Lenovo B475 2334,Lenovo B570e 4760,Lenovo B570e2 5215,Lenovo B575 1450,Lenovo B585,Lenovo G550D,Lenovo G550E,Lenovo G575 4383,Lenovo IdeaPad S10,Lenovo IdeaPad S415,Lenovo IdeaPad U410,Lenovo IdeaPad U460,Lenovo K23,Lenovo K26,Lenovo K27,Lenovo K29,Lenovo M30,Lenovo S40,Lenovo S435,Lenovo S435 80JG,Lenovo V360 0911,MAXDATA Eco 4510IW

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