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Green Cell Battery (3Ah 14.4V) 80501 for iRobot Roomba 500 510 530 550 560 570 580 600 620 625 630 650 700 760 780 800 870 880


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Description: Capacity: 3000 mAh;Voltage: 14.4V;Cells technology: Ni-MH;Warranty: 12 months;Cells manufacturer: Green Cell;Delivery from: 0 zł;Type: Ni-MH;Overdischarge protection: Yes;Overcharge protection: Yes;The possibility of return: Up to 30 days;Product code: PT09;Manufacturer: Green Cell;Popular model: Yes ;Compatibility list: ;Compatible with following battery models : XLife,11702,4419696,68939,80501,80501E,80601,855714,GD-Roomba-500,SP530-BAT,VAC-500NMH-33,R3-500 ;Compatible with following devices : iRobot Scooba 450,iRobot Roomba 500,iRobot Roomba 505,iRobot Roomba 510,iRobot Roomba 520,iRobot Roomba 521,iRobot Roomba 530,iRobot Roomba 531,iRobot Roomba 532,iRobot Roomba 533,iRobot Roomba 534,iRobot Roomba 535,iRobot Roomba 536,iRobot Roomba 53601,iRobot Roomba 537,iRobot Roomba 540,iRobot Roomba 545,iRobot Roomba 549,iRobot Roomba 550,iRobot Roomba 551,iRobot Roomba 55101,iRobot Roomba 552,iRobot Roomba 555,iRobot Roomba 560,iRobot Roomba 561,iRobot Roomba 562,iRobot Roomba 563,iRobot Roomba 564,iRobot Roomba 565,iRobot Roomba 570,iRobot Roomba 571,iRobot Roomba 572,iRobot Roomba 577,iRobot Roomba 580,iRobot Roomba 581,iRobot Roomba 582,iRobot Roomba 583,iRobot Roomba 585,iRobot Roomba 590,iRobot Roomba 595,iRobot Roomba 600,iRobot Roomba 605,iRobot Roomba 610,iRobot Roomba 611,iRobot Roomba 612,iRobot Roomba 614,iRobot Roomba 615,iRobot Roomba 616,iRobot Roomba 618,iRobot Roomba 620,iRobot Roomba 621,iRobot Roomba 625,iRobot Roomba 627,iRobot Roomba 630,iRobot Roomba 631,iRobot Roomba 632,iRobot Roomba 650,iRobot Roomba 651,iRobot Roomba 652,iRobot Roomba 653,iRobot Roomba 654,iRobot Roomba 655,iRobot Roomba 660,iRobot Roomba 665,iRobot Roomba 670,iRobot Roomba 700,iRobot Roomba 760,iRobot Roomba 761,iRobot Roomba 765,iRobot Roomba 765P,iRobot Roomba 770,iRobot Roomba 772,iRobot Roomba 772E,iRobot Roomba 774,iRobot Roomba 775,iRobot Roomba 776,iRobot Roomba 776P,iRobot Roomba 779,iRobot Roomba 780,iRobot Roomba 782,iRobot Roomba 782E,iRobot Roomba 785,iRobot Roomba 786,iRobot Roomba 786P,iRobot Roomba 790,iRobot Roomba 800,iRobot Roomba 801,iRobot Roomba 805,iRobot Roomba 870,iRobot Roomba 871,iRobot Roomba 875,iRobot Roomba 876,iRobot Roomba 877,iRobot Roomba 880,iRobot Roomba 886,iRobot Roomba R3,iRobot Roomba 680,iRobot Roomba 860,iRobot Roomba 980,iRobot Roomba 4419696,iRobot Roomba 529,iRobot Roomba 601,iRobot Roomba 610Professional,iRobot Roomba 80501,iRobot Roomba 900

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