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Qi Green Cell Wireless Charger² 10W

lei 56.74

Green Cell In-car Charger USB-C Power Delivery + USB Quick Charge 3.0

lei 59.10

Green Cell Charger USB QC 3.0

lei 66.53

3-port charger GC ChargeSource3 3xUSB 30W with fast charging Ultra Charge i Smart Charge

lei 70.94

Green Cell In-Car Charger GC PowerRide 54W 3xUSB 18W with Ultra Charge technology

lei 75.35

Green Cell Charger USB-C 18W PD pentru Samsung Galaxy S8 S8+ S9 S9+ Note 8, iPhone X / 8 / 8 Plus, Nintendo Switch and others

lei 93.14

Green Cell Charger USB-C 45W PD with cable USB-C and extra USB port pentru Asus ZenBook, HP Spectre, HP Envy x2 and others

lei 96.08

QI wireless charger GC AirJuice 15W with fast charging

lei 118.29

Green Cell GC ChargeSource 5 5xUSB 52W with Ultra Charge and Smart Charge

lei 118.29

Green Cell Charger USB-C 30W PD with port USB QC3.0 and cable USB-C pentru Apple MacBook 12, Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus and others

lei 124.17

Green Cell Charger USB-C 60W PD with cable USB-C pentru Apple MacBook Pro 13, Asus ZenBook, HP Spectre, Lenovo ThinkPad an others

lei 153.80

Green Cell Power Source 75W 4-port charger USB-C PD with ultrabook charging and Ultra Charge technology

lei 252.90
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